Transformative Arts

LoveAlive’s Transformative Arts ignites your Transformative Power through combining Expressive Arts & Experiential Therapeutic Process.


Are you feeling unsatisfied in life? 

Low energy?  Isolated?  Overwhelmed?  Frustrated?  Grieved?

Or perhaps some part of you is calling out for greater Fulfillment than you’ve already achieved?

Transformative Art works through the understanding that Creativity has the power to Transform and Uplift consciousness.  

LoveAlive’s Transformative Arts Courses offer you the opportunity to creatively access the power of your inner archetypes, deepen your spiritual connection to self and Source, work through your personal struggle, express your feelings, increase your experience of mindfulness, experience supportive group synergy, celebrate life, and expand your powers of imagination and actualization, opening you to greater possibilities and deeper satisfaction in life.  

Transformative Arts offer many wonderful ways of working with your innate creativity and coming naturally into alignment with your whole self ~ heart, mind, body, and spirit.

When your whole being is In Sync, you can Awaken your capacity to:

Be in a Flow state   

Trust your intuition

Access your Inner Knowing

Make clear choices

Know and Love yourself more deeply, giving you self confidence and clarity

Know your power to Create in Life

Bring your Vision into existence

Act Courageously and without doubt

Tune in to your environment

Flow harmoniously, while balancing your needs with others’ needs

Celebrate life as an adventure even in the challenging times

Live Love

Feel Connected

Embrace Joy and Ecstasy

Are you looking for a Fun and Creative way to deepen your connection to self and others while expanding your ability to Create a new reality for yourself?

LoveAlive’s Transformative Arts courses offer many forms of Art and Creative techniques in a group setting that fosters shared awakening and relationship building.  We create a safe supportive environment for you to creatively open, express yourself, and share the journey with others. You will have the opportunity to explore deep unconscious aspects of yourself to bring healing and integration, offering you greater appreciation for yourself and others, more freedom and ease to create authentic connection, and expanded power to re-Create your life in the way you imagine.

The Arts and Creativity are a defining feature of humanity.

Life is Art

It is a place where we explore and express the depths of who we are and
Awaken to the Vastness of our Interconnected Being,
Experiencing the True Treasures of our Existence.

"For eons of time we humans have danced, tranced, and sang the songs of our hearts; we have painted, sculpted, and woven Sacred stories of future remembering and, in this way, we continue to Enliven the Majestic Beauty and Meaning in this Sacred Gift of Life."
Rebecca Goutal

“That's what makes you a human being ~ that willingness to sing one another free.”
Martin Prechtel

Join Us on the Sacred Journey with LoveAlive’s Transformative Arts Events
*All LoveAlive courses offer elements of Transformative Arts.