Transformative Relationship Skills Courses


Are you seeking a path to greater fulfillment in your relationships?

Are their aspects of your relationships with your beloved partner, spouse, children, co-workers, associates, or friends that you struggle with and want to improve? Are you looking for a way to change disempowering relationship patterns and communication challenges so that you can create more healthy thriving relationships in your life?

Would you like to experience greater love and connection?

It’s becoming well known among health professionals that, close emotional connections are absolutely key for all aspects of a person’s health and well-being.

As counsellors, we have found that many of our clients bring relationship problems to their sessions so we’ve created the LoveAlive Transformational Relationship Skills Courses for people who want to improve their relationship skills directly in a practical and cost effective way, leaving more time for individualized support and therapy in counselling sessions and getting the most for their dollar.

LoveAlive’s life changing Transformational Relationship Skills Courses offer you the opportunity to increase your relationship and communication skills with in depth knowledge and practical training. Are you ready to experience a vibrancy that comes from thriving relationships with greater self love, self awareness, clarity, and the enhanced ability to create authentic loving connection?

LoveAlive’s courses go far beyond the basics of healthy communication. They are a deep dive into the inner realms where unconscious limiting patterns can be transformed, new possibilities can be experienced and healthy relationship skills cultivated within a safe, supportive sacred circle of others who share the journey and the celebration of Relational Transformation.


We work experientially with the Power of the Word, Empathy, body language, tone of voice, internal transformation, and emotional integration guided by theory and practice based on Compassionate Communication, Attachment Science, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Cognitive, Somatic, and Expressive Arts methods, Ancient Indigenous Wisdom from around the world, and Transpersonal Psychology.

Are you ready for healthy, authentic, loving relationships?

Are you ready to create what you truly desire in life?

Course List

Secrets of Thriving in Relationship

Knowledge & Skills for Every Relationship

Couples Lovemedicine

Relationship Knowledge & Skills for Thriving Intimacy

Secrets of Thriving Relationships

Knowledge & Skills for Every Relationship

Break Through Experiences to Transform & Elevate your Relationship with Yourself and Others


This life altering Transformational
Relationship Skills Course

offers everything you need to know to improve
any and all your relationships.
You will come away with:

A lived understanding of what it takes to create thriving relationships

Learn how to shift your relationship sabotaging patterns & how to use your emotional triggers as a gateway to real connection & the healing of your deepest relational wounds.

Learn healthy & effective ways to communicate and work through challenging issues.

Step into your life knowing how to nurture your relationships & deepen connection.

You will gain this in depth foundational knowledge through:

Verbal explanation, Written material, Experiential group & individual processes, Transformative Arts, Creative Process & Relationship Skills Practice.


Secrets of Thriving Relationships

Course Content

Day #1 - Introduction. Seeds of Thriving Relationships

Part 1 - Foundations of Understanding Relationship
  • Learn The 6 most important aspects of Thriving Relationships.
  • Discover the 1st, most important step for improving your relationships.
  • Access your inner wisdom and find clarity and improve decision making & communications.
  • Learn how to generate Love from within so you can come from a place of abundance not lack.
  • Enhance your relationship with others by deepening your relationship with yourself.
  • Learn the Fundamental Technique of Deep Listening to create healthy, thriving Relationships.
  • Awaken to your power & impact ~ why knowing this is important.

Day #2 - Love’s Inner Alchemy

Part 3 - Response-Able Alchemist of my Inner World
  • Learn about the 3 Components of Emotional Response-Ability.
  • Learn healthy ways to deal with upsets & triggers and use them to deepen connection.
  • Learn the first steps of Emotional Response-Ability ~ knowledge, techniques & skills.
  • Learn about your Emotional Tolerance muscle and why it’s crucial in healthy relationships.
  • Learn how to become less reactive yet still feeling your feelings & why its important to feel.
  • Learn to observe the messages of your feelings, to create clarity and understanding.
  • Learn how to get Comfortable in the Unknown and why it is a key Relationship Skill.
  • Learn how to help others feel heard through the Fundamental Technique of Active Listening

Day #3 - Full Expression to Heart Connection

Part 5 - Gifts of Anger ~ Transforming through Triggers
  • Discover the rich gifts of Anger which lead to increased passion and creativity.
  • Learn techniques to deal with Anger in a constructive healthy way.
  • Learn a powerful process to transform anger & limiting beliefs - find freedom & connection.
  • Learn to diffuse Anger & traumatic reference points, heal past wounds & deepen connection.
  • Learn about healthy boundaries.
  • Learn to shift your perception through empathy & compassion ~ Transform your relationships.

Day #4 - Love’s Conscious Communication Creation

Part 7 - Conscious Hearted Communication
  • Learn the 10 Qualities of Conscious Hearted Communication (in depth).
  • Learn what it takes to be Response-Able for your part of a relationship - not for others’ part.
  • Understand what real humility is & how it can strengthen trust & understanding in relationship. 
  • Learn how to acknowledge what people are saying without agreeing or disagreeing.
  • Learn how to make observations without mixing in judgments - helps keep people open to you.
  • Learn one of the most powerful keys to enhance connection & resolve conflicts.
  • Learn how to acknowledge feelings & needs - why it’s crucial for understanding & connection.
  • Learn how to help others feel heard and safe to continue.
  • Explore the role of honesty in communication, it’s challenges & how it can work for you.
  • Learn how (and how not) to ask for what you need & want (once you know what it is). 
  • Learn a key to listen & receive ~ so you can have inner peace & stronger relationships.

Day #5 - Relational Excellence Celebration

Part 9 - Art of Connective Brilliance
  • Learn the power of Congruence with your words, feelings & body language in relationships.
  • Learn the Art of Body Language, how your body speaks to you & others (stronger than words).
  • Learn the Art of Tone of Voice & improve your relationships.
  • Connect with your intuition, learn to trust your inner voice, and open to flow.
  • Learn the key identifiers of reactive consciousness and how to defuse it.
  • Witness yourself with the Freedom to express yourself fully from the Heart.