Integration Support Circle

Have you ever had a powerful experience that you thought would change your life forever but, found it really hard to put into practice the realizations you had?

LoveAlive Integration Support Circles are here to help you
Bring to Life the learnings you experienced
from our Relationship Skills Cources

Relationship Skills take practice & changing old patterns takes ongoing intention, focus, and dedication.

So Rebecca & Vince offer weekly Integration Support Circles where you can bring your challenging situations to receive support & guidance, and bring your breakthrough moments for group encouragement & celebration.

You’re invited to this sacred space of shared learning for you to deepen & develop your ability to Create Healthy & Thriving Relationships in your Life.

We meet once per week for six week intervals that start soon after a Relationship Skills Course ends and choose a day based on interest and availability. 

Experience the profound elevation of your Relationships as you Integrate Deeply the Knowledge & Skill of Relational Excellence  into your way of Life.

The group dynamic and connection in Integration Support Circles is an extremely beneficial for therapeutic and learning process. Integration Support Circles are the most cost effective form of therapy and relational education.

If you’ve attended one of our Courses and you’re interested in joining the next Integration Support Circle, please contact us.

We so look forward to hearing from you and joining together to help you Create Thriving Relationships in your life!  Many Blessings!