Transformative Arts & Therapy Rates

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Therapeutic Counselling with Rebecca

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor


Rates, Bookings, & Bundles


Booking a Counselling Session

Please contact Rebecca to book for counselling sessions &

for a free 20 minute consultation.

Individual Counselling Rates

Individual Counselling   60 min.   $100.

Individual Counselling   90 min.   $130.

Individual Counselling Bundles

3   60 min. Sessions   $270.   ($90. per session)

3   90 min. Sessions   $360.   ($120. per session)

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling   90 min.   $170.

Couples Counselling   120 min.   $200.

Couples Counselling Bundles

3   90 min. Sessions   $465.   ($155. per session)

3   120 min. Sessions   $555.   ($185. per session)

More Payment Possibilities

Please feel welcome to contact me and discuss a sliding scale.

My desire is to make my Counselling Service & Courses as available as possible

to those who feel called to be supported in this way.

NLP Life Coaching with

NLP, Advanced Life Coach

Booking an
NLP Life Coaching Session

Please contact Vince to book for

NLP Life Coaching Sessions &

for a free 20 minute consultation.

NLP Life Coaching Rates

NLP Life Coaching 60 min. $100.

NLP Life Coaching 90 min. $130.

Payment Process

Payment is due before the time of the session.

Pay by e-transfer or Cash

Many extended medical plans Cover Counselling.

Please check with your provider for additional information.

24 hour cancellation notice for Counselling sessions is required or fees will apply.

Thank you for your consideration.

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