Individual Counselling

Feeling Stuck and Alone in your struggle?

It can be hard to face the challenges and traumas of life alone. Are you longing for greater connection, clarity, joy, and empowerment in your life?

Sometimes we get stuck in disempowering patterns of thinking, emotional reactivity, and self talk that cause us to speak or act in ways that bring unwanted results and can leave us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, hopeless, alone, depressed, or anxious.  

It can be hard to find healing and fulfillment after suffering hardship. 

Finding clarity and making real change can seem like a daunting path and, we’re not meant to do it alone.  Humans are built for connection.  That’s one of the reasons why counselling can be so beneficial because, you can experience the real presence and care you need, deepening your knowledge of healthy human interaction, while receiving relevant, qualified guidance and support to help you through your struggles and create the health and wellbeing you are seeking

There's Always a Way Through & Beyond

Depression & Anxiety

Relationship Difficulties

Confidence & Self Esteem

Personal & Couples Growth

Early Childhood and Family of Origin Issues

Anger, triggers, and stress

Grief & Loss

Loneliness & Heartbreak



Life Transitions


Family Issues

Communication challenges

Spiritual & Existential Crisis

"Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."

Counselling with Rebecca Goutal BFA, RTC

I see every individual as a whole being who doesn’t need fixing. I am here to support you to discover your natural capacity to blossom fully into the brilliant being that you are.

As your Therapeutic Counsellor, I offer you a safe, sacred space, deep empathy and presence, compassionate listening, personal authenticity, and excellent therapeutic support with training in multiple modalities to support your unique transformative journey.   In our sessions, I meet you where you’re at, and come from a place of gentle, clear, and grounded, open heartedness.  

My Approach

I counsel from a combination of perspectives that include: Transpersonal (Spiritual), Family Systems, Attachment theory (a developmental understanding of relationships), Person Centered (empowering your innate capacity for the change you are seeking), Cognitive (Thoughts and beliefs), Gestalt (power of experience), Somatic (body wisdom), Compassionate Communication (NVC), NLP (influence of words on mental programs) and, Expressive Arts orientations. 

Transpersonal counselling is centered on the spiritual aspects of human life and is foundational to my practice. I work with keen discernment, intuition, and trust in divine guidance, drawing upon years of experience and practice within spiritual traditions that aid in self actualization as well as my own widely varied life experience.

Family Systems theory is based on who you became in the family you grew up in. Therefore, during counselling, I will ask you questions about your family history and look at how it may relate to your current situation.

With clarity and care, I will support you to shine a light in the hidden places of your being that are calling out for change. Through counsel and transformative processes that go beyond talking about a problem to embodying personal discovery, I will guide you to explore deeply and uncover the source of your suffering, disempowering patterns, beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors to transform them at their root. (Cognitive, Gestalt, Somatic, NLP, and Expressive Arts orientations.)

I will support you to develop the skills and practices you need to transform the challenges and triggers within yourself into a beautiful doorway to the most profound Love, Joy, Clarity, and Freedom; opening up your greatest possibilities.

As a fellow traveler on this Sacred Journey of Life, I would be honored to walk beside you and support you through your challenges, traumas, and breakthroughs, as you shift and emerge into the full Brilliance of you!



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