LoveAlive Transformative Arts & Therapy

The Fulfilling Path of Spirituality and Creativity

Rebecca and Vince are the Creators, and Facilitators of LoveAlive Transformative Arts and Therapy.

As a devoted couple, (Beloveds), we are committed to the cultivation of Divine Love within ourselves and dedicated to our sacred partnership in the service of love and compassion for all beings.

Transpersonal Psychology - A Spiritual Approach

LoveAlive is founded on the principals of Transpersonal (Spiritual) Psychology which works with the understanding that, through Divine Source (Something greater, known by many names; Great Spirit, Creator, God, to name a few) we are all interconnected and, these connections are designed to sustain life and to catalyze our spiritual growth.  From this framework, it is understood that greater, more rapid personal evolution is possible through assistance from Divine Source.

In Transpersonal Psychology, we as people can learn perceptive possibilities, tools, and techniques for embracing the emotional challenges we experience in relationship as opportunities to catalyze and co-accelerate our spiritual growth and psychological maturity.

Transpersonal Psychology in our Lives

We have been blessed with the opportunity to have been practicing these principles in our own life with each other for the past 6 years.

Together we shine the light of compassion into our shadowy places as they arise, supporting one another to Transform our challenges and traumas into gifts and be Conscious Creators of our experience of life.

As we embrace our own journeys, we walk as fearlessly as possible and, choose to experience our life as an adventure, opening to the newness of the unknown.

Transformative Arts

Transformative Art works through the understanding that creativity has the power to transform and uplift consciousness.  A facilitator of Transformative Arts creates deeply healing experiences through innovative combinations of the Arts and psychological, spiritual, and physical healing processes.

As well educated, seasoned Artists, with experience in the full range of art forms, we have rooted LoveAlive in the principals of Transformative Arts, understanding that the Arts are a way  people can explore and express their depths, invent new potentials, awaken to the vastness of our interconnected being, and experience the true treasures of our existence.  

At LoveAlive, we see the Arts and Creativity as a Divine gift; a natural and ancient way of humans to harmonize the potent experience of our Hearts, Minds, Bodies, and Spirits, because when these are out of alignment it is impossible to experience the state of flow that is the hallmark of a healthy vibrant life. 

The Benefits of Creativity in our Relationship

As we sail on the seas of our combined creativity, hidden aspects of ourselves are revealed, our intimacy deepens, and the journey becomes more thrilling. 

“We view Life as Art”  when we join together in creativity, reaching into the realms of infinite possibility like 2 kids in a candy store, we share the super charge of delight as we birth new wonders into existence.

Why Us?

In our experience of looking for a counsellor or facilitator, we want to know that they are doing the sacred inner work themselves, not just imparting information.

We continue to learn and practice ways to tune to the Divine Source of our Essence, embody loving presence, cultivate thriving relationships, and Create beauty and balance in the wheel of life.

We’re excited and fascinated by how science is now emerging to support what spiritual systems have known for thousands of years and, how years of scientific study in the field of psychology has shed so much light on the importance of human connection and creativity in health and wellness.

We’re passionate about our continued interest in harmonizing the greatest wisdoms and transformational techniques of Psychology, Science, Arts, and Spirituality ~ to support deep integration of Health for your Whole Being.

Our passion is to assist others to experience profound awakening and
the blissitude of true Love and Fulfillment.
We so look forward to meeting you and walking beside you on your transformative journey!
We Welcome you to


Individual Counselling

Couples Counselling

Transformative Arts

Relationship Skill Courses

As we offer our services through LoveAlive, we are filled with wonder and gratitude for this Sacred Gift of Life and, give thanks for All that Sustains Life, our beloved Family, our dear Friends, cherished Teachers, and all of the life experience we have been blessed with.